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 Andrea is a librarian and teacher by profession, and a writer by passion. She first felt the thrill of seeing her writing go public when her third grade teacher thumb-tacked a story I wrote to the classroom bulletin board. (A step up from being taped to the refrigerator!) In high school she dabbled in inspirational poetry and then discovered James Thurber and Mark Twain, and for a while entertained dreams of being the next great American humorist. But it wasn't until a college journalism internship that she realized her true calling: she wanted to be a story teller, both of her own and other people's stories. In her life it has taken grit to find her way back after the stillbirth of her daughter, and ten years later the death of her husband from brain cancer. And she says it's only been through the grace of God that she's been able to do that. It's a tricky balancing act which we can't do alone without spotters to pick us up when we inevitably fall. And it is in the sharing of our stories that we can offer such support. She enjoys playing both acoustic and classical guitar, as well as chorale/liturgical singing. She loves black and white "screwball" comedies, bee-bop jazz, and can't decide if she's an outgoing introvert or a reserved extrovert.

A Little More About Me

Asking for Help is Half the Battle

During my early days of widowhood I found it very difficult to ask others for help. It was hard to go from the built-in