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Cherie is passionate about helping people, loves adventure and is always ready to try something new. She started her career as a classroom teacher and taught third grade through high school. Upon completing seventeen years of teaching, Cherie switched gears and trained as a clinical esthetician. After working as a skin care educator for a few years, she opened a day spa. While running a business, she completed her seminary training and holds a master’s degree in theology. Her life experience has equipped her to meet the needs of people: mind, body, and soul. Cherie spends her time overseeing her business, volunteering as a chaplain at the state hospital, writing for her blog, and speaking at women’s events. Cherie lives with her husband in Bow, NH and together they have four daughters, one grandson, and a grandchild, affectionately referred to as Baby Bird, arriving in July. She enjoys hiking, cooking, cello lessons, and creating beautiful spaces.

A Little More About Me

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When I’m Worn Out, I Think About Who Planted Me

His name was James. He planted the blueberry bushes in our yard years ago, when our yard was his yard. I only spoke with