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Hannah Cox is a writer, dreamer, reader, and does her best to be a good friend. When she is not wrapped in a quilt, she is usually living out of a suitcase at a pet sitting client's house, finishing up her BA in Writing through Grand Canyon University, having fun with her family, or a camera! Hannah enjoys small moments, loud music, sunrises, and a good story. She's also a firm believer that when the shoe fits, you buy it!

A Little More About Me

5 Ways That Social Media Makes Your Life Better

We all know the negatives of living in our social media universe. The blue light hinders our eyesight. The constant dump of negativity mixed


Friendship is a true gift and a unique relationship, unlike any other I’ve ever experienced. We don’t talk about friendships breaking up as much

4 Tips That Can Heal Your Mother-Daughter Drama

The mother-daughter relationship is both beautiful and complicated. Today, I am proud to say that my mom is not just a great adviser and


Strength that is rooted in faith in God is not a sign of weakness, and being strong doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings. The


I am the queen of buying clothes that I wear once or twice, then they sit, and are given away. I am blessed and


I am an expert grudge holder and bitterness producer. I have a hard time letting someone go because of the hurt they have caused

This is How You Protect Your Worth, Girl

Honesty is always the best policy

This is What “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” Taught Me

I am a huge fan of romantic comedies and am happy to see that they are making a resurgence in our world. We all

10 Ways to Make the Most of Girls’ Night Out

It is cliché, but we are all busy. In our pursuits, passions, dreams, relationships, and all the craziness that comes with life, we are

A Strong Woman Can Respect Other Opinions (Even If She Disagrees)

The world is loud. The world is full of viewpoints including your own. Social media is beautiful until it gets opinionated. Then it becomes an overwhelming

Make the Most of That Third Wheel Life

It is awkward being the odd girl out. My friends are dating, engaged, married, and some are starting to have kids. Then there is

Why Is Daily Inspiration and Motivation so Important?

Life can be busy, crazy, and full of ups, downs, and turnarounds no matter what season you are in because, life is life. It

How to Have a Great Roommate Experience

When I moved to college, I had high expectations of what rooming with someone would be like. I thought my roommate and I would

The Best Way to Stay Balanced in Life

I practice a fusion of pilates and yoga. If you have tried either of these bodyweight exercises, you know the struggle of the wobble.