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Jennifer is wife to Dave and has two handsome baby boys who have grown into two handsome, wonderful young men. She is also "mom" to 450+ kids at the high school where she's the resident "office lady." She and her husband are now empty nesters living in the upper left corner of the lower 48 with their dogs, cats, an occasional cow, and a stray horse named Amber. Jennifer has a heart for the broken and hurting, believing firmly that we are not meant to walk this road alone.

A Little More About Me

There’s No One Right Way to Feed Your Faith

Spring is in the air, at least that’s what the retailers have told us with their chocolate bunnies and pastel-colored egg displays. The sun

The importance of friendship is immeasurable. As human beings, we need relationship, connections, and support. Although some days we need a little alone time,

What I Learned About Hospitality From My Cows

God has given each of us individual gifts that are a part of who we are. These gifts come naturally to us. One of

I’m not ready. I'm just not ready! This is the recurring thought I’m having as we walk further into the wonderful fall season. With this season

What I Learned About Grief from My Dad’s Death

One year ago today, my dad died. It’s been one year since I have spoken to him, held his hand, or been annoyed by

Has God Ignored Your Need for Support?

As I sit here gazing out the window of our motorhome, feeling a little sorry for myself, I was given the blessing of witnessing


Words, I just love writing them with beautiful ink on exquisite paper. I like to experiment with different fonts on the iPad, or when

When Life Gives You Lemons, Reach Out to Your Friends

In this life, the terrain is continually changing; we will climb mountains, skip through lush fields of wildflowers, traverse into deep valleys, and try

When Winter Gets You Down and You Need the Sunshine

For those who don’t live in a dark and dreary place most of the year, you won’t be able to relate to this article.