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Jodi, a “37-year-young” lady, who lives in a little town in Kansas named Neodesha (don't worry- she says even Siri can't say it right!) Self proclaimed as pretty crazy about her husband of 19 years, Kendall and her two children, Jalie- 15 and Kaden-12 she loves her career too, as a hairstylist, She is extremely passionate about encouraging and inspiring her female clients believing it to be her life's calling. “Everyday I walk over to my little cabin-style salon that overlooks our peaceful pond. The God-inspired name & slogan for my business is "Thairapy- It's about more than just hair." I love providing a safe & relaxing atmosphere where women can open up about their lives and their struggles and the whole time I am praying that God would use me to speak truth and encouragement to them!” For Jodi, Thairapy is more than just a salon, it's an extension of the Grit & Grace that drives her life!

A Little More About Me

Who Else Wants This Kind of Hairdresser

You have heard it said that behind every beautiful woman is a hairstylist who loves her. I’d have to agree because that’s me, Jodi Shultz,