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Rachel is a proud Houstonian recently transplanted to the beautiful state of North Carolina. She provided her friends and family with simultaneous reactions of elation and disbelief when she married Peter only 50 days after she met him while on vacation in Honolulu. She is a mama to two spirited girls who have taught her the meaning of fierce love and spontaneity. The pendulum swung in Rachel’s life as a self-proclaimed “good girl who rode the spiritual coattails of her family,” to a “substance-abusing, anxiety-ridden, 20-something woman who hit rock bottom.” Now, she just considers herself to be a simple gal who tasted freedom and believes living free is attainable to all because of what Jesus did. Nothing refreshes her soul like nitty-gritty conversations and hearing another person’s story. Rachel enjoys cooking, a glass of rosé on a lazy summer evening, and the timeless sound of Big Band Radio.

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