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Susan Tucker spends her days teaching middle school English and mothering her two teenage sons. She enjoys adventuring with her boys and her husband of 21 years, Tim. With a B.A. and M.A. in English, Susan is a lover of story, as both a reader and a writer. Susan loves her tribe—messy, creative, beautiful women who bless her with their friendship—and values their authenticity and vulnerability.

A Little More About Me

What Happened When I Decided to Romance My Man

Here’s a confession: I love romance. I could watch Mr. Darcy walk across the misty field at dawn a million times, and I will

3 Tips on How to Encourage Your Child's Educators

Perhaps no one has more face time with your child than his or her teacher—except you, of course! Teachers do so much more than


One of my favorite annual traditions is coming up: pajama day! Since my sons started kindergarten, we have marked the end of every school

A Worthy Investment Unhurried Time with Friends

If wealth is determined by the friendships in our lives, then I am swimming in gold. There was a time when this wasn’t true.

How to Recover Post-Election Intensive Care for the Soul

The morning after Election Day, I awoke to a deluge of information on my smartphone. Most of it caused frustration and stress; some of

Be Kind, All Women Are in a Battle

One of my favorite quotes goes like this: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” The author of these wise

The Fun in Simple Halloween Traditions

Before a chill is in the air or the first pumpkin carved, Halloween announces its approach with the arrival of costume superstores. Empty storefronts


As the sister of an Iyengar yoga instructor, I was introduced to yoga many years ago, and I have practiced it off-and-on since then.

Teachers Have the Power to Shape Who We Are

When the new school year began, I became nostalgic for years past: for the purchase of new supplies, the order of organizing binders, the shopping

Trauma, Grief, and Healing After Suicide

This month my son’s best friend would have turned eighteen. He would have been enjoying his senior year and applying to colleges. He might

What to Do When You Become Invisible

Years ago I became invisible. It happened little by little. I became a mother, and I misunderstood what that meant. I thought it meant

Grit and Grace in the Morning, for Moms

When my youngest son began to attend school, he was not bright-and-shiny in the mornings. In fact, most days, after repeated attempts to rouse

Maintaining Your Sanity Through the School Year

My life is divided into school years and summer breaks. Not only am I the mother of two high school students, but I am

Learning to Breathe, and Face Depression

Once upon a time I had my dream job working for a nationally recognized magazine. During my tenure there, I became a first-time mother.

Choosing to Recharge

It feels scandalous to tell you this: I am on vacation without my husband and without my sons. On Monday afternoon I boarded a

Freedom from Fear

I can be a worrier, and I know many, many women who could confess the same. When my children were young I worried about


This week my youngest son will leave for a 16-day European adventure with a group of students and teachers. That’s a simple, straightforward sentence, but


My oldest son graduates from high school in one year. That's 12 months, or 52 weeks, or 365 days (more precisely, 385 days, not


Every day I'm surrounded by 300 middle school students. My office is nestled in the seventh grade hallway, wedged within the girls' locker bay.

Living in Fullness

How would you describe the women you encounter day in and day out? Most women I see appear to be spread thin, worn out,


When my son was fourteen years old, he suddenly lost his best friend. The week began with an ordinary Monday. My son spent the

Long Distance Friendship

The start of the New Year marked a change in a significant relationship. One of my dearest friends moved from our shared city to