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Welcome to Faith.
Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, handling an illness, or trying to get your life back on track after a devastating blow, having a faith that can strengthen and sustain is often the only thing that can help in times of struggle. But a real and effective faith has its anchor in a relationship with a personal God. It doesn’t just come.
The Grit & Grace Project is here to encourage you find that faith and apply it to your real life. Our Faith page has articles, steps in developing your faith, and personal stories to help you to embrace your faith reminding you of its importance in successfully managing your life.
The Start to a Life of Faith
The faith we hold at The Grit and Grace Project begins with knowing this personal God we speak about. A God who gave his very life for us and offers a relationship that transcends all others. His perfect love that is offered to each of us promises to be our ever-present help when we are facing troubles. He has promised never to leave us no matter what the circumstances and even goes so far as to call us friends. We share articles and insights on the beginning of that faith, how to gain it and how to walk in it.
If you are just beginning your journey of faith, welcome, you have become part of our family. We hope our advice, stories, and guidance can help you on this sometimes scary — but always rewarding — journey.
Living a Faithful Life
In life, our worth is not found in our circumstances, but in how we react to our circumstances. Having faith isn’t about being perfect all the time — or never wavering in your beliefs. It’s about building a relationship with God learning to have confidence in him even when the circumstances around you fall apart. It’s about weathering the storms and dealing with challenges as they come.
The good news is that here, you’ll have a supportive network of other women who are weathering similar storms, who have grown in their faith sharing what they’ve learned along the way and how God met them in the most unlikely places.
Find it all here on The Grit & Grace Project.

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