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Goal Setting and The New Year

Goal Setting and the New Year

Last year around this time, my husband was preaching on New Years Resolutions and he challenged the entire church to write down their goals for the coming year. That same evening, while watching one of our Netflix series, he asked me if I had worked on my goals yet? I shoved another handful of popcorn in my mouth and pretended that I did not hear the question. Goals? Who needs goals when I have Netflix! Goals? What? Me? Now?

The thought of making out a list of goals for the New Year made me want to get in the fetal position and listen to angry-girl songs.

“No! I don’t need to make out goals.” I said with confidence.

“Why not? Everyone else is doing it?” He said.

“Well… if everyone is jumping out a window, should I do that as well? And anyways, that’s exactly why I refuse to set goals…everyone is doing it!!!! I set goals last year and failed miserably! If I don’t set goals then I don’t fail! It is a win win!”

Setting goals seems like you are setting yourself up for failure….right? That’s why we shy away from setting it in stone.
I love the famous quote, “If we aim for nothing, we will hit it every time.” Setting a goal sets our hearts towards our purpose. It gives wings to our hopes, dreams and prayers.

Setting goals seems like you are setting yourself up for failure….right? That’s why we shy away from setting it in stone.

Yes, some days we will fail but be encouraged, we are failing forward. Instead of putting bumper pads on our life and preventing mistakes, we learn from these mistakes. Just because we are not going to be perfect doesn’t mean we say…. screw it!
It has been said; the most likely way to fail is refusing to try.

Goals are our way of showing up and trying our best to do what we were created to do!

Goals help us to be good overseers of our time, energy, finances and gifts.

Goals hold us accountable to our passions and pursuits.

Goals are a necessity!!!!

So, pull out that notepad and set some goals for this year!!! What are 10 crazy awesome things you would like to see happen this year? Pay off debt? Read through the bible in a year? Give to a non-profit? Spend more time with your family? Learn a new hobby? Teach your children to do chores????

Here are some categories to consider: Financial, Spiritual, Physical and Mental.

Make sure those goals are Measurable, Attainable and Accountable.

For example, don’t just say…. “I will lose weight.” Figure out how much weight would be healthy for you to lose: “I will lose 15lbs in 3 months.”

Well…how will you lose the weight? “I will eat healthy and exercise.”

Ok…that is really vague. When will you exercise? When will you make your meal plan for the week? What types of food will you stay away from? How many minutes will you run a day?

Now that you have your goals (written out) share them with someone who can hold you accountable!!! Join an online accountability group! Lock arms with a group of friends and tackle those goals. You will be glad you did!



Annie is often found hiding from the monster that is her laundry pile while frantically searching for her car keys. Her goal in life is to be part of a flash mob and/or a back up singer and dancer for T-Swift.

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