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Keep Your Love Alive: Avoid These Relationship Mistakes – 084

Most women are looking for a healthy, secure, and romantic relationship with the man in their life. Sometimes we do things that, instead of making it better, are killing it. Now, we know that men can be relationship killers too, but we will leave that for another discussion. So, we’re asking you, are you making these common mistakes that undermine the foundation of the relationship you hold so dear? We all do them, but if we don’t have a bestie who tells it to us straight, sometimes we don’t even know that we’re doing anything wrong. In this episode, Darlene Brock (happily married for an undisclosed number of decades) and Julie Graham (widowed single mom, dating again after her loss) talk through these deadly relationship killers, and how to avoid them. They also share a few insights on what you might do instead to build a strong, thriving partnership. Listen now, you and your man will both be glad you did!

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Quote of the episode:

“The couples that are meant to be are the ones that go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger.”

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