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8 Brands to Follow That Love Every Kind of Body

Our culture is full of ever-changing ideas and movements. Some we like; some not as much. However, one trend that we’d say is on the right track is the growth of body-positivity. We’re seeing more and more women walk in the grit of honesty and grace for their unique bodies and each other’s. More un-touched photos and models of all sizes are posted and printed, and for that we are so thankful. If you need some refreshment and a feed that says “you are beautiful and so is she,” get on your social and start following (and shop!) these brands and blogs that show love to every body.

Here are 8 brands and blogs we love to follow:

1. Aerie
I love that American Eagle Outfitters has grown up with many of us. As one who never really felt secure with my own body, AE jeans and clothes always fit me and I felt confident in most of their clothing. Then came Aerie: pretty and comfortable pieces in the midst of the kind that typically make us feel uneasy. But here, when you shop and follow, you see real women modeling real sizes in their real bodies (no photoshop!). Many sizes of lingerie, swim, and clothing are available and affordable!

2. Dove
If you have never seen a true beauty is and focuses on it—uniqueness, confidence, acceptance, and what’s inside our hearts. Just reading through the quotes and statistics of how women view themselves and beauty in general will leave you encouraged, or at least re-thinking beauty beliefs you didn’t know you held.

3. A Curious Fancy
“Striving for perfection of any sort and holding yourself back until you attain that perfection only leads to a life half-lived.” Yes. Girl. With a precious vintage flare and no concern for what’s “flattering,” Ragini of Calcutta inspires me to wear the clothes I truly love and to be myself and love myself in all ways (newsflash: life’s goal is not to be thin). Check out her fashion blog here for more inspiration.

Get on your social and start following these brands and blogs that show love to every body.

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4. Darling
I remember seeing the bold spread “None of the women in this magazine have been retouched” for the first time. I thought it was just for one issue. Nope. The Grit and Grace Project, strives to make “media that matters.” The content is refreshing and filling rather than words that leave you wanting to go buy, do better, and fix yourself up. They are now teaming up with Aerie to create Selfie, a documentary that explores “the search of self-esteem in a retouched world” through interviews with many different women (episodes being released on Facebook now!)

5. Nellie Taft
Baring the get-it-done, 27th First Lady’s namesake, this clothing boutique is made up of hand-picked items, all made in America. While they may not be solely focused on body positivity, I love that with each piece there are a few different women modeling it. This reminds me that clothing looks good on us when we love the body we put it on first.

6. ModCloth
“Committed to inspiring personal style” this online boutique is fully stocked with unique items to suit each of us in a variety of sizes. What used to be the site to buy cute vintage-y dresses has grown to include several styles, gifts, décor, and wedding dresses! They also have their own blog!

7. Style Me Curvy
Awarded the “Best International Fashion Blog” by Cosmopolitan UK, model Louise O’Reilly talks and teaches beauty, fashion, and style for every body type and celebrates each one. With her blog, you can learn about your body type and gain style tips to look your best!

8. Swimsuits For All
They’re not kidding. Bathing suit shopping can be terrifying when we’ve been repeatedly shown what a “bikini body” looks like. But here, there actually are suits to fit and flatter women of all ages, with a wide variety of styles. A friend introduced me to Swimsuits For All a while ago after she bought four suits to try on with the intention of picking one but ended up keeping them all!

True beauty focuses on uniqueness, confidence, acceptance, and what’s inside our hearts.

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Our hope is that no matter our shape or size, we can learn to have the grit to push against what our culture has taught us about beauty and rather love our bodies (and each other’s!) with grace for any flaws we may perceive.

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