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7 Great Makeup Products for Mature Skin

7 Great Makeup Products for Mature Skin

I’m one of those women who go to Yahoo to read her mail and get sidetracked by every promotional story about the latest skin care and makeup products of the year (or month, or day).

I don’t try them all; in fact, I try very few. I’m also one of those women who can be described as a tightwad, meaning I don’t spend $100 on eye cream or $40 on a lipstick (and I return every product I try and don’t like. Thank you Ulta and Target.). Plus, as a former reporter, I’m super skeptical about advertising claims.

But as my skin ages, I get more and more experimental. Trying to line crepe-y eyes and keep lipstick on shrinking lips is hard! I buy a lot of drugstore products, but there are a few professional ones I swear by and I think they’re great for any age.

So here are 7 great products for mature skin:

1. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
I’ve tried dozens of mascaras on my minuscule lashes. Without fail, they either flake in my eyes and onto my cheeks, or sweat themselves into raccoon lines in our lovely Florida humidity. This one makes my barely-there lashes show up with the first coat and even curls a little. Plus, it doesn’t end up on my face or my pillowcase after an oops-I-forgot-to-take-it-off night. Best price: Ulta.

2. IT Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer
The skin in the corner of my eyes is a little pinker than it was a few years ago and this product, developed by a dermatologist for “mature skin” covers and moisturizes perfectly. It’s great for highlighting too—try it down the bridge of your nose or under your brows. Best price: Ulta or IT website with a 20% off first-time customer coupon.

3. Pur Minerals Double Ego Dual Ended Eyeliner
I have never been able to use a liquid eyeliner, and the older I get the more I need a pencil that will glide on easily. This little gem has both, and the liquid brush is so darn tiny you had to have had a double espresso to mess it up. Best price: Amazon.

4. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue
Extreme moisture, a skin-matching tint and SPF 30 make this a perfect daytime whole-face cover-up. If you have a boardroom presentation to make and want to look more polished, you can layer foundation on top of it. Best price: Amazon.

5. Gale Hayman Lip Lift
A friend gave me this tiny tube of what looks like clear lipstick. I’d never heard of Gale Hayman, but she’s created a super moisturizing primer/base for lipstick. It won’t remove wrinkles but it really does add some lushness to your lips. I wear it without lipstick, too! Best price: Amazon.

But as my skin ages, I get more and more experimental.

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6. IT Hello Light Luminizer Crème Stick
This little stick is perfect for brightening you up on those days when a lack of sleep makes your skin look dull, or on those days when you just feel dull. Swipe it on the apples of your cheeks and above your eyebrows to look and feel instantly perkier. Best price: Ulta or IT website with a 20% off first-time customer coupon.

7. Q-tips.
Technically not makeup, but they’re perfect for removing the mistakes we make as our eyes age and (horrifyingly) sagging skin gets in the way. If you’re wiping your eyes with a tissue or cotton ball, stop! A Q-tip damped with water or any non-oily eye makeup remover is your best eraser.

What are some of your favorite products? Share them below so we can check them out!

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