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17 Things to Do to Make the Most of 15 Minutes

17 Things to Do to Make the Most of 15 Minutes

It would be rare to watch TV without seeing a Geico commercial and hearing the auto insurers famous tagline, “Fifteen minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance.”

I’m kind of immune to the message, to be honest, since I have no need to contact Geico. But the other day I saw those same words in print and got to thinking about all the things I could accomplish in 15 minutes. I realize that many women don’t think they have five minutes to spare in a day, much less 15! I’m lucky in that I have some flexibility in my schedule, but I guarantee that I waste a lot of those small but open blocks of time.

Rather than continue to fritter them away, I made a list of simple but productive things I thought I could do in a quarter hour. Most are tasks I often forget about, but others are ways to nourish my soul or show kindness to someone else. I encourage you to make a similar list and keep it handy!

1. Write a kind note to a neighbor and stick it in their front door.
2. Make hair and nail appointments … and put them on the calendar.
3. Organize one kitchen drawer.
4. Update my bucket list (or create a new one).
5. Water my potted flowers.
6. Pick up the kids’ toys in just one room.
7. Make tea and sit quietly—no book, phone, or TV—while sipping and savoring it.
8. Run to the corner store and buy stamps for all the future cards I’ll want to send.
9. Make my errand lists for the coming week, organized by day.
10. Write down 10 things I’m grateful for and tape it to the bathroom mirror.
11. Swiffer-dust all the tables and dresser tops.
12. Take a short walk and pay attention to flowers.
13. Sew on a missing button.
14. Sit on the floor and stretch.
15. Send an encouraging text to someone who’s really busy or really stressed.
16. Sweep the patio.
17. Pull five things out of my clothes closet to donate.

I encourage you to make your own list and keep it handy for that next time you get a 15 minute break! What’s on your list? Scroll below “related articles” to comment and tell us!

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