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All of These Things Are Better Than a Boyfriend

All of These Things Are Better Than a Boyfriend

So many women, myself included, invest so much time, energy, and sometimes even our money into finding the perfect man. I think we can all agree that most of us have a desire to have a partner to balance out our lives. We want someone to be supportive in the midst of the crazy, hot messes that we occasionally get into. We want someone stable, reliable, and trustworthy. And that desire grows as we face special occasions: holidays, birthdays, the random Taco Tuesday—whatever is your thing.

This past birthday of mine, I was a tad disappointed when I had to reflect on the last year of my life and admit that, sadly, Prince Charming had not yet made an appearance. He was not among the number of gift cards I received, and he didn’t pop out of any cake when I blew out the candles.

I did, however, receive something a bit more satisfying. When I stepped back from my self-pitying “I’m getting older” tears, I got a glimpse of my life and saw something that I really had never noticed before: a wealth of good things.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I found many reasons (that are better than a boyfriend) to be thankful:

  • I have jobs that I truly love. The work that I get to do allows me to meet and help with so many different kinds of people. I get to use the gifts that I believe God gave me. I have the opportunity to learn from incredible coworkers and people working in the medical field and those who emulate the textbook definition of the mom and pop small, local business.
  • I have friends that I have had since high school; those that prove it is possible to hold onto your past while growing into your future.
  • I have made new friends who didn’t celebrate my last birthday with me. People who I have a hard time believing I’ve only known for such a short period of time are those I feel comfortable enough to text, call, or invite out on adventures with me.
  • I have a dog. My snuggle buddy. My fur baby. My motivation to get out of bed because she’s barking to go out.
  • I have family who is healthy and fairly close by.
  • I have a small town that I call home in beautiful Central New York. Where Dunkin’ employees know my name, my coffee order, and my work schedule. I am friends with some members of the local law enforcement and never feel unsafe living alone when I have them watching my back.
  • I have great guy (strictly) friends who give me advice on some of the more traditionally known male gender roles such as workouts, car stuff, and computer geekery things to help me when I’ve hit too many buttons and my laptop melts down.
  • I have the best pizza place to eat at.

I have good people and good things in my life to serve as reminders each and every single day that I have a good life—and that is more important than a boyfriend.

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I took my eyes off my singleness and got a glimpse of my life and saw something that I really had never noticed before: a wealth of good things.

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