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Must Reads on Life and Culture for a Grit and Grace Life

We love to share snapshots of grit and grace seen in everyday life and culture. This list of articles we assembled here from our Life & Culture category are are simply must reads. 

Infertility Is an Interruption, but Not the End

Infertility-Is-an-Interruption,-but-Not-the-EndWhen I was a little girl, I distinctly remember playing with my baby dolls and being their “Momma.” I gave them bottles, rocked them, changed diapers, put them down for night-night, talked and sang to them… my babies even Read more

The Grit and Grace of a Baseball Wife

The-Grit-and-Grace-of-a-Baseball-WifeDo you have any childhood memories of attending professional baseball games? I know I do. I was so enamored by the players. The stadium was packed with fans cheering and screaming. I was star struck watching the players sign autographs after the game Read more

How to Teach Your Child Not to Hold Prejudices

How-to-Teach-Your-Child-Not-to-Hold-PrejudicesWhy does it feel so uncomfortable to talk about race and racism in this country? Deep down in our gut, we know that something just isn’t right and that makes us squirm. Humans strive for internal consistency, and when Read more

Do All Strong Women Hate Men?

Do All Strong Women Hate Men?I am so very weary of the notion that the sure sign of a strong woman is that she is angry with men. Outspoken or implied, this utter nonsense is everywhere. I’m not saying I’m not angry with some Read more

The Solution to the Sex Trafficking Problem

The Solution to the Sex Trafficking ProblemUnlike the typical case of individuals learning about an issue through academia, books, and/or the media, I had the privilege of learning about the issue of prostitution and trafficking from the source. Having no previous understanding of the issue, Read more

Sneaky Teen Texting Trends You Need to Know About

Sneaky-Teen-Texting-Trends-You-Need-to-Know-AboutIf you are raising a teen or a soon to be teen, or if you simply have a human in your life who’s in the middle of those challenging years—a nephew, niece, or the child of a friend—there are Read more

When Her Yes Feels Like Your No

When-Her-Yes-Feels-Like-Your-NoHer post stared at me like a reflection in the mirror. She was up there sharing a message I could give, to thousands of her followers, and I had a front row seat for what could’ve… even should’ve… been mine.

You’ve Read more


Some of our favorite articles for strong women and those who want to be.

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