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Super Easy Housecleaning Tips


Apart from the current baby paraphernalia scattered around my house for my brand new grandson (all of which I love and have happily incorporated into my decorating scheme), you would generally come into my house and think it was pretty darn clean.

Actually, it’s not. It’s pretty darn neat. But, clean? Well, that’s another story. Great tile and carpet and counter tops that all have multicolored patterns hide a lot of the footprints, dust, crumbs and dust bunnies that are full-time residents. Trust me!

But I have lots of tricks for keeping my house looking neat. Granted, I don’t have three or four little kids living here, so I am right up front giving tons of grace to you mommies who do.

These 3 tips will help you keep your house looking neat too:

1. Corral stuff.
I love decorative containers and use lots of boxes and baskets for things like miscellaneous paperwork, blankets, pillows and toys. Pretty trays are great for tabletop décor like candles and books and useful things like keys and coasters. I have a box with a hinged lid for the TV remotes (am I the only one with a ridiculous number of these, half of which I have no clue how to use?). You can get really pretty containers of all shapes and sizes and colors on the cheap at places like HomeGoods and T.J. Maxx. Use pretty cardboard and fabric boxes (even cheaper) to contain stuff in closets—they’re great for workout clothes, handbags, scarves, out of season sweaters, flip-flops, toys, etc.

2. Utilize multi-purpose cleaning products.
I could not live without Mr. Clean Erasers, which are great for walls, doors, grout, stubborn stovetop stains, bathtubs … pretty much everything! Pledge Multi-Surface Spray is another one of my favorites for super fast (i.e. someone’s dropping by with 10 minutes notice) spiffing up of countertops, tabletops, and even my leather couch in a pinch. Bonus—it’s antibacterial … and it smells great! One of my new go-to products is Scrub Daddy (the smiley face sponge of Shark Tank fame). Seriously, these magical little sponges can reside in your sink a long time without getting dirty or stinky and are non-scratching for a quick cleanup of dishes, sinks, and stubborn gook on just about anything. Last but not least, are a Swiffer duster and floor cloths. It takes five minutes to dust and remove hair on floors and furniture—no kidding!

3. Make your bed.
I know, I know, lots of you will say it’s the last thing you care about. But there is something about walking in and out of your bedroom to a neat and pretty bed that encourages you to put other things away, like the empty coffee mug you left on your dresser two days ago and the clothes your husband (or you) drop wherever. Try doing it the minute your feet hit the floor in the morning—it honestly takes less than five minutes. Open the drapes and let the outdoors in while you’re at it. Having a bright and tidy bedroom will increase your desire for tidiness in other rooms—starting with your bathroom—and eventually spills into the living areas of the house. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s a discipline that works!

Try these three, simple tidying-up tricks and you’ll feel like a new woman!

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