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Mommy Purse Necessities


When you have your first child, you no longer carry a purse—you carry a diaper bag everywhere you go. The diaper bag is armed with all you would need to survive 30 days on a deserted island. Twenty two diapers, two whole packs of wipes, 3 pacifiers, 6 outfits, 2 sleepers, 3 extra blankets, baby Motrin (even though you’ve never given it to your baby), a book (even though you haven’t read a page since you gave birth), lip gloss, a phone and a pack of M&M’s.

Then your second child comes along…you’ve upgraded to a backpack, 10 diapers, one pack of wipes, 6 pacifiers, 2 baby girl sleepers (the new baby is a boy), three pairs of panties for the potty-trained 2 year old, board books (for the first born, you no longer delude yourself by carrying a grown up book), granola bars, boxes of raisins, a bruised apple, a Sippy cup, and a mom water bottle. No more M&M’s (the two year old would sneak them).

Baby three comes along…still a backpack, but you sometimes venture out with just a purse…a purse with your phone, lip gloss and snacks (hopefully unopened and not half eaten). But the backpack…ah, the beaten up, well-traveled, well-loved backpack contains a couple of diapers (on a good day), an empty pack of wipes, no extra clothes, no extra undies for anyone, kid books, a coloring book, crayons, stickers, at least 8 Sippy cups of water, a water bottle for mommy, lip gloss and a phone.

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