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Pajama Day: The Wonderful Transition From School to Summer


One of my favorite annual traditions is coming up: pajama day! Since my sons started kindergarten, we have marked the end of every school year with a day eagerly anticipated and lovingly called pajama day. It is exactly what it sounds like—for an entire day we stay in our comfy PJs and relax.

Lunch dates are turned down, appointments are delayed, and invitations are refused. We take pajama day very seriously. When they were little, the boys still woke with the sunrise, and we would snuggle on the couch for cartoons and cereal. Now that they’re older, they sleep in. We may be eating pancakes and bacon at noon, but that’s part of the fun. Then we spend the day reading books, watching movies, playing games, and, if I am lucky, taking a nap.

We take pajama day very seriously.

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Pajama day signals a transition in our home. It is a shift from the busy season of the school year, with its deadlines, demands, and a strict schedule. Now we are entering a season of rest, with margin and plenty of it! This transition deserves our notice. We have worked hard the past nine months, and we are in need of refreshment—body, mind, and spirit.

There aren’t too many pajama days left, as my sons will both be in high school next year. This makes me even more eager to savor the sweetness of this tradition. However, even after they’ve graduated, I suspect if I’m still teaching, I will begin every summer break with a pajama day.

Whether it be pajama day, a hidden Christmas elf, or the annual Father’s Day camping trip, these unique traditions color who we are. They represent our family’s spirit, capture our joy, and preserve our memories. Long after my sons leave our home, these traditions will remain tender reminders of the years we have shared, and maybe someday I will have the delight of introducing my grandchildren to these same sweet traditions.

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