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Welcome to This Grit & Grace Life Podcast.

This Grit & Grace Life Podcast is a weekly women’s issues podcast hosted by Darlene Brock and Julie Graham. Together, these women cross generational lines and draw from their own life experiences (and those of the experts!) to bring you the issues that matter most to you.

Building Strength and Providing Support

This podcast brings women together with fun — and frankness.

As a woman, after all, you must wear numerous hats: mother, daughter, friend, partner, employee, boss — all equally important roles. All equally delightful and thrilling.

But each one comes with its own challenges, of course. The good news is that other women have gone through these same trials and tribulations. And when you hear their stories, things often look a little brighter. On the podcast, that’s Darlene and Julie’s goal: To lift you up, inspire you, and help you conquer the various struggles we all face.

Topics That Run the Gamut

In this women’s lifestyle podcast, topics range from current affairs, to how-to’s and advice on optimizing your life and finding your purpose. Darlene and Julie will guide you through challenges like surviving the holidays in one piece, dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace, and finding balance between your work and personal life.

Plus, fun and informative guests talk about their passions and offer advice that you can actually use! From the boardroom to the bedroom, car-lines to college, single, married or single again, it’s all here on This Grit & Grace Life Podcast.

For Women, By Women

Are you a strong woman or do you aspire to become one? This podcast is for you. Bring Darlene and Julie with you in the car, on your morning jog, or while you cook dinner. It’s always a great time on This Grit & Grace Life Podcast!

Find it all here on The Grit & Grace Project.


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Isn’t every parent’s goal to raise happy, well-adjusted, and, yes, responsible kids who can find success in life? Even comedienne, Phyllis Diller said, “I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford

Who doesn’t love Easter—another opportunity to eat candy, decorate our home, create new family memories, and, of course, the dress. But at the core of this holiday lies the pinnacle of our Christian faith, so we wanted to take this opportunity to address what it is that we hold so

Has your life taken an unexpected turn after experiencing disappointment? Perhaps it’s left you feeling like you’re not good at what you thought you were, or worse, not good at anything at all. This week’s guest, JJ Heller, will inspire you. Her unlikely journey from basketball player to recording artist

Most women are looking for a healthy, secure, and romantic relationship with the man in their life. Sometimes we do things that, instead of making it better, are killing it. Now, we know that men can be relationship killers too, but we will leave that for another discussion. So, we're

What makes a woman able to live This Grit and Grace Life? The desire to be strong and secure in her worth. A woman who loves people well and is confident in her talents, demonstrating tremendous character. That’s true, too. You see it in how a woman carries herself in

What happens when you mix a creative dad, a multi-tasking home-school mom, five kids, and a unique idea inspired by their family chaos? A new business! One that will help manage some of the chaos in your home, too! Darlene and Julie chat with Adam and Dana Sue Hinkle, owners

Healthy friendships can bring joy to your life. Unhealthy ones, well, they can make it complicated and bring a list of questions with them. What does it take to create a friendship that flourishes? How do you know when a friendship should end because the harm outweighs the good, bringing

Women have changed the world. And we know we can do it again. As a place for strong women and those who want to be, we understand that looking back at the accomplishments of women in the past gives us confidence that we can create our own. Realizing, "If they

Looking back we all recall the mom phrases: “Don’t roll your eyes, they’ll get stuck like that”, “If your friend jumped off a bridge

How would you describe yourself? Is it your relationship status, whether you hold the title of Mom, is it your career path or even your personality type? Do you believe there is anything that makes you special or unique? While these things are part of who you are, they

We’re feelin’ the love this week! Curl up with your valentine (chocolate) as we do a deep dive into the eight duos we love to watch--on TV, that is. These couples, both real and writer-created, cross genres and generations, each with their very own unique charm. Co-hosts Darlene Brock and

Women are faced with decisions every day—from the tiny, seemingly insignificant ones like what to wear, eat or watch, to the big ones. You may be deciding what job to take, where to move or how to deal with friendships gone awry. Our lives can change by the decisions we

Feelings. We are all affected by them, even driven by them, whether we want to admit it or not. Our emotions can harm us but they are helpful too, often depending upon how we process them. So, to sort all of these feelings out, we invited our friend, licensed therapist

One of the reasons we love the internet and especially social media is the wealth of inspiration and entertainment that you will find there. The memes and quotes that we post and often share are worthy of repeating. We went to our tribe of strong women and asked them to

Are you single? The dating waters can be treacherous, but they don’t have to take you under! You’re looking for a good man. Maybe you already have a list of must-haves and deal-breakers. Or perhaps you need to make one. Does this current dating world scare you? Do you assume

This Grit and Grace Life is a podcast for strong women and those who want to be. After several conversations with friends and hearing from readers of The Grit and Grace Project online magazine, co-hosts Darlene and Julie realized that you might not be so sure you have this inner

Before you gear up for a fresh start in the new year, a strong woman sets aside a few moments to pause and reflect on the year that she’s leaving behind. It’s an opportunity to be reminded of growth, to acknowledge our mistakes honestly, then recognize the opportunities ahead for

Do the words “hormone health” make you cringe? Our hormones get blamed for mood swings, tiredness, complexion nightmares, and even weight gain! But, could there be a little truth in that blame game? There is something to be said about understanding the things that can make you crazy! So, Darlene

Society has a lot of misconceptions about women. Are we emotional, unable to handle a budget, or into shopping? The answer is maybe yes and maybe no. Stereotypes can often be harmful, and a few are downright ugly! While we admit our shortcomings, we believe each woman has unique traits

Your man has a lot of other women in his life who require attention and often demand his interaction. It could be his mom, coworkers, a daughter, an ex, friends, or a baby mama to name a few. If this relationship requires his attention, it might need yours too!

Are you looking for unique Christmas gifts this year? Something a little different and more personal than what you will find in the avalanche of sale guides that hit this time of year? Since this is an excellent time to start your Christmas shopping you have to look no further.

Can you start a business, build a strong marriage, be a present mom, and take care of your health too? If you do attempt that balancing act, can you expect to be perfect, accomplishing all without the occasional failure? Absolutely not—but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to chase that

The holiday season is upon us, and with it: the stress. We find ourselves with an overloaded schedule, and often in the midst of the fun is family drama. Maybe this is the year you'll get ahead of the hustle of the season and find a way to slow down.

It doesn’t take a perfect mom to raise great kids. It takes intentionality, grit, and grace! Author and Co-Host, Darlene Brock, shares her hindsight and offers practical tips from her new book, Raising Great Girls: Help for Moms to Raise Confident, Capable Daughters (perfection not required), that will apply to

Attitudes toward marriage have changed. Fewer couples are choosing to marry and, instead, are living together and starting families without the additional commitment that marriage brings. Often, their reasoning is that marriage doesn’t last, but we do not believe it has to be this way! We know from experience that

Is it possible for a Miss USA winner to struggle with insecurity? Many of us don’t feel like we stand out. We often fail to believe we are lovely or unique. Or, maybe you’ve never thought much about these things. This episode’s guest, former Miss USA Kristen Dalton Wolfe, tells

Can you learn something from those who are younger than you? Should you listen to those “older and wiser?” Yes and yes! We began this show because co-hosts, Darlene and Julie, come from two generations and we believed their different life seasons could intersect and bring a unique perspective for

We believe marriage is a vow made with honor—cherished, worthy of fighting to keep, and should not be easily or quickly broken. As much as we wish it weren’t true, we realize that sometimes marriages fail. So, if you find yourself facing divorce or know someone who is, we believe

Regret: such a short word that can carry massive weight! Do you know the feeling? Is there something you wish you had done or not done that still lingers on your mind—days, weeks, months, or even years later? Sometimes we can find ourselves contemplating the adverse effects of regret, and we

Have you ever been unfairly judged? Were some things said or believed about you that wasn’t true? Or perhaps you’re hesitant to admit that you could be the one doing the judging. The struggle is real, and every one of us has experienced both sides of this coin, probably not

Single again and confused about what’s next? Are you ready for another relationship or is it too soon? Since our co-host Julie Graham is in this place we invited fellow widow and one of our most popular writers at The Grit and Grace Project online magazine, Ashby Duval, to share

This Grit and Grace Life podcast turns ONE today! We’re like a wobbly toddler who’s just starting to get her stride. Since it is our birthday, we are throwing a party! Your co-hosts, Darlene and Julie, laugh, cry, and reminisce on what they’ve learned from a year of recording their

Are you trying to raise confident, capable daughters but feeling unsure about how you’re doing? Every mother feels that way! Darlene Brock, in her new book, Raising Great Girls, takes a look back at the years she raised her two daughters. By breaking down the roles, this mom took on doable

We’re having a party! On August 21 at the Evereve store, a contemporary fashion and styling company for women in Franklin, Tennessee, we are celebrating the release of Darlene’s new book Raising Great Girls! Combining Evereve, which provides a unique shopping experience for moms who want to feel good about

Did you know that the majority of women in America today are in the workplace? Of course, you did; you’re probably one of them. Something you may not know is, there’s a difference between how the genders approach challenges at work. How can we thrive as women in the workplace?

Suddenly summer ends. Faced with the start of the new school year, relief and anxiety collide as the transition begins. Your to-do list multiplies with shopping, meetings, reprioritizing your schedule, and dealing with the stress of your student(s) entering a new classroom. How can you handle it all without losing

Since nearly 50% of new marriages are remarriages, it should come as no surprise that many women are blending families. It doesn’t take long after making those marriage vows to discover combining families can be complicated. It can also be beautiful. How? We brought in our most reliable expert, psychotherapist,

Cameron James’ moving story of hardship and hope continues in this second installment. She first joined us on episode 048 when she shared her heartbreaking and inspiring journey of learning about her daughter’s ultra-rare disease. In part 2, she discusses the next season. As life became manageable and her daughter

Have you ever experienced hardships that felt insurmountable? Have you been tested on every side, not even sure you would survive? Our guest has been there. A few times. Singer/songwriter and mom of two, Cameron James, shares her moving story that began the day she discovered her daughter had an

What does it mean to be an independent woman? Is this description only for the single, carefree women with no man or children in tow? Or does every woman need to master self-sufficiency in all our relationships? Whether we are a girlfriend, wife, or mother, it’s essential to be able

With half of the year already behind us, we're wondering how you've done with all those New Year’s resolutions? Did you keep one, two, or any? Yeah, same here

Moms want to put a label on everything, including themselves. Are you a crunchy mom? Free-range mom? Do you practice attachment parenting or grace-based? What do these even mean? In this episode, Darlene (who raised her daughters a couple decades ago) and Julie (in the thick of it now) poke

What happens when an incredible opportunity comes your way? Fear? Anxiety? Belief that you aren’t qualified? Well, you’re not alone; that is precisely where today’s guest found herself. Drummer, Jen Ledger, joined the multi-platinum, world-touring rock band, Skillet, at 18 years of age, all the while struggling with feelings that

It’s amazing what women will do to feel beautiful. From crazy beauty tricks through time to what truly sets a woman apart, we have all gotten caught in the trap. There’s a multi-billion dollar industry thriving on our desire to be attractive. The products we “need” fill our drawers but

What’s your plan for your summer vacation? Are you looking for unusual, or exotic destinations, or ways to make whatever trip you’re planning a little less painful? This week we discuss them all. From crazy must-see vacation spots across America to Darlene and Julie getting a little carried away as

Each week we celebrate what we believe—women are strong, it’s demonstrated in who we are and all we do. But it seems in the current culture a woman’s strength is often considered synonymous with feminism. In the midst of the potentially confusing platforms we just have to explore this topic.

Do you have a purpose in your life? Or avoid the subject because you feel that you don’t? Women who are living this #gritandgracelife can accomplish so many things, but we are often set back by fear or worry, or we compare ourselves to others. In this episode, Julie explores

Mommin’ ain’t easy, friends! The days can be long while the years are incredibly short. There may be days you feel like you’re not doing it “right” (really, who is?). Or that you’re the reason your kid(s) are going to be messed up (not true!). Just give us a few

Have you noticed that sometimes women say one thing and mean another? At least, your co-hosts do! We’re decoding some pop-culture phrases (filling you in on where they came from) and poking fun at the way we can completely confuse the opposite gender with our “womenspeak.” As you may have

Are you navigating the single scene? Do your emotions range from fear to embarrassment at the thought of trying online dating? Author of the book “Beyond the Swipe,” Kristin Fry joins Darlene (married for a million years, her words) and Julie (a newly single widow after her 15-year relationship) to

Men—we work with them, date them, marry them but do we know how to get along with them? Part of being a strong woman is appreciating the prospect of having healthy relationships with the men in our life. But in today’s climate, it seems like that’s a challenge! When did

“I could never achieve that” or “I can’t do it because of X, Y, and Z” or “This feels impossible” These are phrases we all have spoken to ourselves when faced with a challenge or offered an opportunity. Today you can begin to change your thinking and by doing so,

Working mom = a stellar juggling act, guilt every time a ball is dropped and the pressure from an audience who tells you how it should be done. Working moms, you’re not alone. Most mothers today work outside the home and all share the same challenges, disappointments and fears that

Easter is packed with overflowing baskets, Easter egg hunts, and fashionable attire, yet this day is so much more. We don’t want to let the fun activities become the essence of this holiday. If we do, we’re missing it. Taking a few moments to reflect on “the big day” of

Are you afraid your teen may be out of control? Or, is their behavior typical teenage boundary-pushing? When do you know that enough is enough and things have to change? These questions often consume the mind of a mom with a pre-teen or teenager. To determine when to draw a

Looking for a friend, or even better, a really good one? We need people who will love us throughout the highs and lows of our lives, encouraging us when we're strong, carrying us when we're weak. What kind of friend do you want to be? What kind of qualities make

How can a woman lead in every area of her life? Do you feel like you make an impact? Is leadership only for the workplace? We know that all women have influence in every area of their life, so we brought in Author, Leadership Expert, and CEO Jenni Catron. From the

Are you like Julie, a card-carrying extrovert or a completely comfortable introvert? Maybe you’re a bit like Darlene, the self-diagnosed extroverted-introvert? Not sure where you land, introvert or extrovert? Consider taking this test from Psychology Today! Probably like most of us, when it comes to these labels we just feel lost. This

There are days we love remembering wonderful moments that have passed. But there are other times the past invades our lives, affecting how we live and react today. We find our grit and grace when discovering how to determine our future while learning powerful lessons from our past. In this

Are you a Valentine’s Day lover or hater? Can’t wait for the presents even if you may think it’s over-commercialized (what holiday isn’t?). Or does it trigger feelings of loneliness, an unnecessary reminder for those who are single (enter Galentine’s Day - our new fave)? Whether you plan to celebrate

It’s the Mom juggle - work, activities, shopping, cooking, tantrums and mood swings to manage (yours and your kids! Ha!). Keeping up with all.the.things

Want to live longer? Research tells us that optimism holds the key, and it also says that our gender is the most optimistic. So, are you a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of gal? In this episode Darlene and Julie remind each other how important it is to look for the

So, men can be pretty great, until they are not. Has the man in your life crossed a line that you just cannot live with? Are you dating and seeing signs that he’s not the guy you thought he was? Or are you married, and at an impasse, disagreeing at

Are you looking to enter or re-enter the workplace, is it time for a change or are you looking to make the most of the job you have? With a 50% increase of women in the workplace in the last 10 years, there’s a good chance you are one of

A woman's life is stressful. There are never enough hours each day to accomplish all of the items on our list. Juggling family, home, schedules and even being so daring as to add something for just us, the list never gets done. But have we ever stopped to consider that maybe we

Yes, it’s 2018! You may have ended the year behind us really excited for this fresh start or perhaps you find yourself struggling, feeling stuck in an impossible rut. Every woman’s life is filled with so many transitions and challenges, that oftentimes we believe that rut has no end, there

As we find ourselves at the close of 2017, we realize that for some this has been a great year, for others, it was filled with challenges. In this heartfelt episode, show hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Graham reminisce on the highs and lows of their personal lives this year,

Are you annoyed by the little things? The irritants we fondly refer to as pet peeves; we all have them. The problem is, we're usually just as guilty of doing the things that make us cringe as the next gal. In this LOL episode, Darlene and Julie are taking a break

By the time we hit middle school (and arguably, well before) women tend to have an on-going struggle with their self-worth and often lack confidence. We focus more on our shortcomings than our strengths. We zero in on our flaws forgetting to celebrate what we’re good it! Can you relate?

Your first case of motherhood insecurity may have started when you decided you wanted to be a mom, or when you found out you were pregnant, or maybe the day you took that baby home for the first time. And it doesn’t stop, right? When you finally master one season

Women are strong, empowered, independent, self-sufficient; at least that’s what we hear from social media to the news media - we are bombarded with these terms. But are we really? If so, what does a strong woman look like, how does she act, how does she live? This Grit and

The holidays are here and often with them comes stress, drama and financial strain. It’s our goal to apply both grit and grace to "the most wonderful time of the year" choosing to slow down, connect with loved ones and enjoy every part. Darlene and Julie admit where they struggle, then

Today’s headlines are filled with stories of sexual misconduct in the workplace. Whether it’s Hollywood, the news industry, politicians, or corporate executives, we are hearing about it from all fronts. What is sexual harassment and what do we do about it? Julie and Darlene take this episode to explore the current

Do you find yourself joining the social media trend of creating your own “thankful list” this time of year? It is a wonderful reminder that we should be grateful for the good things in life. Several weeks ago, before Julie had to step out for a bit, Julie and Darlene

There are some subjects we just want to avoid, especially the ones we sincerely hope to never face. Yet if that day comes, we may find we weren’t prepared. Since one of our own, Julie Graham, just found herself in this position of having lost her husband of 11 years and steps

From the workplace, to the home front—the friends in our lives, the men in our lives, the children in our lives, the life in our lives how do we balance them all? Whether we are single, married or single again we all have days it seems impossible to meet all

Women accomplish so much, as we juggle our various roles, place in life and responsibilities. But there are some things we all do that we just need to quit and quit them right now. Join the conversation as Darlene and Julie readily admit to 7 of those pesky fall backs

Being a woman is complicated. Our struggles in building healthy relationships, lacking self-worth, holding hurt from our family of origin, and finding our identity are common to most. We find ourselves even more confused because these struggles change as we navigate through our 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. But here

Two words we're pretty sure you can relate to: Mama.Drama. Can we just be honest? (a nod to last week's episode here)

Do you mindlessly "like" quotes on Facebook or Instagram? We realized that we do. We post them a lot too! What if we actually took a moment to ponder the intention behind the quote? Finding ways could we grow, or shoot, just relax. What if we actually applied them to our

Teens have their own speak, using slang and lingo that can sometimes be difficult for adults to interpret. This week we are going to teach you a little bit about one of those languages, teen texting. Recently, I (Julie here) had my own encounter at a friend's house who has

How many style trends can you think of that just keep coming back, no matter how much they make us cringe? We've got to be able laugh at ourselves for continuing to buy into the idea that overalls, jellies and the mullet are chic

Does seeking counseling indicate weakness? What are the types of issues that warrant taking a seat on the couch of a trusted professional? We are here to discuss the reality that even a strong, independent and self-sufficient woman may face challenges that become so much more manageable when we step

No man is an island, and no woman is either! Darlene and Julie discuss the importance of healthy relationships with the other women in your life, and more importantly, how to do it! They talk about your best friend (or lack thereof), the friend you need to let go of,

We ladies can’t seem to stop the struggle.  The one where we compare ourselves to every.other.woman.around us. We've been doing it for a very long time. But, there’s hope! In this episode, Darlene and Julie discuss three ways we compare ourselves, and real ways to stop. In the app? To see

We talk a lot about living a "grit and grace life" but what does that mean? We believe that the two characteristics that every woman has and pulls her greatest strength from are grit and grace

We are so excited to finally be launching This Grit and Grace Life Podcast! The “000 About Us” episode is a chance for you to meet our hosts, Darlene Brock and Julie Graham and learn a little bit about what you can expect from our weekly show. The full podcast starts