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Coloring for a Cause: Using Your Talents to Make an Impact


Have you ever had the desire to be part of something more … to take your time and resources and partner with organizations on the world stage, in your country, or your community to fulfill a greater purpose?

This can be especially fulfilling when you combine the use of your natural talents to fulfill a community need. One of the writers at The Grit and Grace Project has done just that. Geinene Carson, who is not only a heartfelt writer, but also a successful artist in the city of Atlanta, we’re excited that she has joined more than 40 other artists in her community to create something special…..Darlene

“Coloring books are all the rage these days. People seem to be flocking to the endless variety in the hopes to relieve stress and refresh a bit of creativity. Many of us have felt the personal benefits of such a simple act. Yet, have you also considered coloring for an even greater cause?”

“I was most thrilled to be invited by the organization, ColorATL, to collaborate with over 40 other Atlanta-based artists in the creation of an adult coloring book with a unique purpose: to bring hope and encouragement to those enduring hardship in our city,”

“Yet, have you also considered coloring for an even greater cause?”

The backbone of the ColorATL Coloring Book is a 1-to-1 model: for every coloring book purchased, we will personally deliver a coloring book to a person at the local cancer center, transitional facility, hospice home, homeless shelter, or one of their many other local partners. We believe those in difficult circumstances deserve access to the therapeutic benefits of creative activity.

ColorATL believes the creative experience is a way to connect and build relationships, cultivate self-value and self-control, ease stress, promote peace, and build healthier community in places of hardship. The mission of this project is to bring the therapeutic process of creativity (via adult coloring books) to local organizations with limited art programming, in efforts to improve the quality of life of people in difficult situations.

This group of artists in Atlanta have found a unique way to reach into our community and meet specific needs that many people may not consider otherwise. By creating this adult coloring book, we (and the people who support them) have found a greater purpose; coloring for a cause. If you would like to know more, click on ColorATL. You may want to purchase one or more of their books. Who knows, you may even be inspired to look at your community, consider your talents, and find a purpose of your own.

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