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Giving Grace

Giving Grace

The beautiful thing about grace is that it is undeserved. It is a gift, freely given. Even to the most undeserving person.

Is there someone in your life who needs grace?

Perhaps a spouse has wronged you. He needs grace.
Your child has broken your heart. Give her grace.
Has a stranger taken something precious from you? Show him grace.
Is a parent frustrating you? Make room for grace.
A co-worker has betrayed you. Show grace.
Maybe someone cut you off when driving down the interstate. Yes, even that person needs grace!

Think on a time in your life when you messed up. Regardless of what you did, hopefully you came to a point where you realized your wrongdoing and prayed that grace would be extended. I hope it was.

I’ve needed grace more times in my life than I can count. From times of disappointing my parents, to moments of dishonesty, to failures in parenting, and not showing unconditional love as a wife. I have proven that apart from receiving the gift of forgiveness and freedom from the consequences I deserved, I would have lost relationships with the most important people in my life.

In short, we all need to know that grace exists in our world and in our lives. It will help us be better friends, daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, and colleagues. It is something so wonderful once received, that we can’t help but to give it away. It’s been given to you, likely many times over. So, share it with someone else. Give grace.

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