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13 Things Only Siblings Will Get

13 things only siblings will get

There are some things that only siblings understand because you’ve known each other the longest. Have a laugh and share with your sibling(s):

1. You ask the waitress to change your order because your younger sibling just copied yours (so annoying).

2. They’re the person you want to be like the most, although you’d never admit it because they don’t really embrace the whole “imitation is the highest form of flattery” thought process.

3. When your new shirt is missing you know exactly who took it…

4. When the guy you like likes your sister. Maddening. When it’s your younger sister—even worse.

5. The sheer satisfaction you get when your sibling gets in trouble instead of you.

6. When you find out as an adult that something your sibling told you as kids wasn’t exactly true…

7. When you ask your younger sibling to ask your mom or dad for something that you want, but they forget to leave out your name. Fail.

8. Your sibling is the only one who can explain exactly why your phobia is an understandable fear.

9. The frustration you feel when you walk into the kitchen for breakfast and find that your sibling ate the last of the “good” cereal and you’re stuck with the healthy one.

10. You may act like enemies at home, but any outsider who makes your sibling’s life miserable better beware of your coming wrath.

11. When your mom tells you that you have to share your cookie and you make sure that you get the bigger half. We’re talking 70/30.

12. You get into a legitimate fight over who’s turn it is to push the elevator button.

13. Regardless of what’s going on in your relationship right now, you can always count on bringing up “that one time when…” and know that you’ll share a good laugh. Because there’s some memories that only you and your sibling share.

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