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5 Tips for Mending Fences in Your Relationships

5 Tips for Mending Fences in Your Relationships

It’s a great time of year to mend fences. Not the ones in the back forty of the ranch where very few of us currently live; it’s mending the fences that are in need of repair between us. The damaged or broken relationships we all experience. Admittedly, there are relationships that are beyond repair, but most of the time that’s not true.

So ask yourself, do you really want to be 90 years old, comfortable in your lift chair, remembering a relationship you once had? Pondering the friend you lost because of anger over something you can no longer remember, the sibling rivalry you never outgrew, or the parent you walked away from? Probably not. So how do you manage this repair process before the knees give out and the memory fades?

1. Remember the Good. Quit focusing on what went wrong. Instead, focus on the good things, the good times and the relationship that was.

2. Reach Out. Don’t let pride tell you they need to make the first move. It may never happen and it’s too important not to be the one that steps up.

3. Apologize. Yep, you may not have been the initiator, or the difficult one, but you can’t say you did everything right. No one does. So tell them you’re sorry!

4. Talk. About the problem if need be, about the good times, about the future. Beginning a new conversation is imperative to rebuilding your relationship.

5. Follow Up. The relationship rebuilding will need time, attention, and commitment.

Reach out today. Reach out next week. Work up the courage and just reach out. Each relationship repaired will be an added treasure that’s been refined, polished and perfected in this thing we call life.

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