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Must Reads on Relationships for a Grit and Grace Life

Our relationships make us stronger and sometimes make us crazy. Whether it’s dating, friendships, marriage, or family, the articles here discuss how to find them, build them, and make them healthy. The ones we chose to feature will do just that.

5 Topics For New Roommates to Discuss

Discussion Topics for RoommatesMaybe you’re about to get your dream apartment with your college besties or maybe you’re crossing your fingers and setting up house with people you’ve just met. Either way, new living situations call for some late-night Target runs (yay!), Read more

Divorce Was Not in the Plan

Divorce Was Not In the PlanI have walked alongside two ladies I dearly love as they were suffering the heartbreak of divorce. Their disappointment, disbelief, and pain were palpable in every breath they breathed. I know for them this was never the intention when Read more

Will Waiting for Marriage Lead to a Boring Sex Life?

Will Waiting for Marriage Lead to a Boring Sex Life?2So, a client got me thinking. He was discussing waiting until marriage to have sex. He expressed his respect for that choice, but also his concern as a dating, single male. He said, “What if I marry her and then find out Read more

Grit and Grace: The Official Armor of a Military Wife

When I moved to a town known for its military base, I laughed and swore to everyone back home that I would, under no circumstances, marry someone in the military. And not because I had anything against them. More Read more

5 Fresh Ways to Work on Your Marriage (When He Isn’t)

5 Fresh Ways to Work on Your Marriage (When He Isn’t) hernanWhen your marriage is in a free fall of disconnectedness, anger, or resentment, it can feel like you are standing on the sidelines watching a train wreck, helpless to stop it. It’s terrifying. Even worse, if your spouse has Read more

This is What a Well-Loved Woman Feels

This is What a Well Loved Woman Feels LikeMy 18-year-old self perked up when the college tour guide dropped the statistic, “we are ranked number four in Most Likely To Find Your Future Spouse Here.” Say no more, sign me up! Soon, visions of walking around the Read more

Why It’s So Important to Have a Mentor and to Be One Too

For 12, some 15+, years we are taught. Being enrolled in school gives us structure and a guidebook to living. We are given this safe bubble of trial-and-error in playtime, classes, and teams.

Then we graduate with no syllabus or Read more


Some of our favorite articles for strong women and those who want to be.

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