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Does Your Man Want a Woman Drawer?

Does Your Man Want a Woman Drawer?

A few years ago my husband and I were building a home in the mountains of North Carolina. During a meeting with our builder and electrician, reviewing all the power needs for our new home, the electrician looked up from the drawings to ask me if I wanted a woman drawer. At least that’s what I thought he asked. I’m not easily thrown and certainly not defensive when it comes to being a female. But immediately I thought, “What does one do with a ‘woman drawer’”?

He continued to talk about the drawer in kitchens that keep things like bread warm.

Duh, he was talking about a warming drawer!

I really did think he said woman, so I couldn’t resist sharing that with these three men. Since I was the only female present, it led me to ask if this could possibly be the drawer they wanted to put their women in.

These are all great guys. They really wouldn’t have thought to stuff their woman in any drawer, closet or room, at least on most days. But as a fellow female, having observed our gender in action with the men in their lives, I thought maybe a woman drawer would be a good thing for some of these ladies.

You know the ones, when no matter what their man says, they correct them? Or the ladies who, instead of looking at the great character traits the other gender possesses, focus solely on the pitiful ones…then spend an enormous amount of time reminding their men of their shortcomings.

There are the females who become the life dictator. Their men are forced to watch the movies they choose, decorate the home they both live in with floral everything, go to the events of the female’s choosing and drive the car they like. Finally, one that really drives me crazy is the whiny one who is never satisfied no matter how hard her man tries.

There probably could be a drawer created to tuck these women away in, just so their men could get a little peace of mind. A place for the woman to go so there would be some solace and quiet in a man’s life. But then, come to think of it, there should be a man drawer too, for the very same reason.

There probably could be a drawer created to tuck these women away just so their men could get a little peace of mind.

Or in a perfect world, we’d all treat one another with common courtesy, respect and preference. We’d just be nicer. We would be someone others would want to hang around. We would learn how to build healthy relationships; help those in our lives to feel good about who they are. Which always has the added benefit of making that other person want to be even better.

So, ladies, work to be one of those females that no man wants to stick in a drawer. And hang with those men who don’t deserve that placement as well. It would be a great day if the imaginary drawers for either sex would no longer be desired.

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