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Healthy Snacks for the Work Day

Healthy Snacks for the Work Day

Packing snacks is a smart choice on many fronts. Amidst busy mornings or long afternoons of work, eating every 2-3 hours is essential to maintaining energy and focus. Often, though, our choices are limited—vending machines or oversized cafe cookies that offer little in the way of nutrition. Snacking can add up in price, too—a Starbucks pastry a day can run you over $100 a month, and that’s sans latte. Instead, curtail the cost and take control over your snacking by packing one of these simple, healthy snacks!

1. Trail Mix. Many trail mixes provide a great balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins—all of which are important for brain function, metabolism, and energy. It’s easy to make your own—check out these recipes—or pick up some in bulk at the grocery store.

2. Fruit and string cheese. This is another great combo—carbs, fiber, protein, and fats–and you can pick up whatever is in season.

3. Foil-wrapped bagel/English muffin. For a hearty snack, toast a muffin or bagel at home, add your favorite spread, and wrap it up in foil—it’s a pretty sure-fire way to keep things neat as you go about your day.

4. Hard boiled eggs and 100% juice. This is another balanced combo—the juice provides vitamins and a quick-hit of natural sugars, while the eggs will give you a dose of complete protein.

5. Dark chocolate and nuts. It might sound indulgent–but a few ounces of each can provide antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats. So enjoy!

6. Granola. Again, the best granolas are probably homemade—so whip up a batch every few weeks and divvy it up into individual bags to take on the go!

Follow this advice and you’ll find yourself more focused at work, and maybe even a trimmer waistline. Double score!

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